Autocorrect.. Not So Correct

Owning an iPhone is like owning something that others don’t have. Well, I don’t have one! 😀

But yes, you like the features, the games, iTunes, App store, it is easy, accessible and stylish. But here’s one thing: These iPhone users or those who own a phone that has an autocorrect option face this problem that is so small but when is sent to others, it can mean a different thing. And if read, it can be really awkward. Now, here’s one of the video that features the imperfection of autocorrect. You may not laugh a little this time but you might hurt your stomach so bad that you might forget how to breathe. 😀

In Ellen Show’s segment “Clumsy Thumbsy”, it features texts who have problems with the autocorrect. It ranges from “funny” to “very funny” to “hysterically funny that I couldn’t breathe!”. Have a good laugh guys and gals! Enjoy your day! 😀

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Now here’s another one:

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Have a good laugh guys! 😀


Collection of Fails..

We all know what fail is and we don’t need such explanation unless your brain is damn empty to know what is a fail. Lately, we’ve seen fail pictures representing people who do such things that can make them stupid. Worse, they don’t even know they failed! There’s what we call “TNTRTF” or “Too Numb To Realize They Failed.”

Here are some collection of fails from different websites that deserves a TNTRTF award.


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Seriously, how can a person doesn’t recognize a heater made of plastic? Time to learn the basics.. again.. Tssss..


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Failed suntan is a fail suntan. It’s almost unrecognizable that it’s the same girl from 2004-2006! Was she too numb to realize she overdid her suntan? You deserve a TNTRTF award!


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Question: How can your pet cat eat properly with something in the neck? Never! This one deserves a TNTRTF award!


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Here’s what we call “Park at your own risk!” you sirs deserve a TNTRTF award!


Image Link:

Danger ahead sir! You’ve got to run now sir! Please sir! Wait, take a picture! And oh, one more thing, a TNTRTF award for you!

That’s it folks! If you think you’re too dumb to realize a fail, nothing to worry, you’re not alone. In fact, there are dumber people who are just TOO numb to realize they already failed! That’s the only way to cheer you up!


I gave proper credits who own the pictures. If they’re still dumb to recognize my credits, they deserve a TNTRTF award! 😀

These Funny Quotes…

I know life is hard but it’s harder if you can’t just sit back and relax and laugh a little with these funny quotes that I’ve collected around the internet. Don’t worry, I gave a proper credit and they should be thankful that I’ve recognized their presence here in the internet or else, they’ll remain unknown to this universe created by God. 😀

Shall we start? Buckle up your seat belts, grab a popcorn and let’s have fun!

1.) Google search leveling up!

When all is possible with Google, you can even search your eyeglasses on their search engine. Just be prepared with the answer. 

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2.) Secret to weight loss

Seriously, is this the secret on weight loss for some women? Well, maybe it’s the reason why they still have good body figure. Go Figure! 😀

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3.) The iPhone is far more important.

Have you ever wondered why some people are more worried about their phone than themselves? I’ll never wonder they’ll say “OMG! My iPhone is so broken! Let’s bring this one to the repair shop fast!” and they would just say to the person “Nah! Your knees are fine!” When obviously, it’s bleeding badly and needs medical attention. Tsss..

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4.) Just plain weird.

It’s just so weird if this happens to you. If I’m too loud, they would shush me up. But if I’m too quiet, they would ask me “Are you okay?” Weird people. I’m naturally a quiet person it’s just, there are 3 reasons why I’m quiet. One, I’m with the wrong group of people. Two, I have nothing to talk about. Three, they’re talking nonsense. 😀

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5.) The “Haha” Meter

You want to know how funny your joke is? With this “Haha” meter, you can measure how funny your joke is especially when you’re chatting with a friend or just with a plain stranger in a chat room. If you tell a funny joke and no one responds, it would be little awkward for you. AWKWARD!


6.) Stating The Obvious

Some people tend to ask the obvious question where you really know the answer. If someone will ask “Where are you?” I would answer “I’m here in front of you, alive and talking.” Please be specific in asking questions next time. 😀

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7.) I’m sure about this.

Who agrees with me on this one? I’m sure all of you raised your arms and say “I do!”

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8.) The Badass Student

If you’re a student and you answer the teacher this way, I dunno what will happen to you kid!

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9.) The Reality of Life

Don’t worry, I got fooled too! Hahaha!

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10.) Another Reality..

NO! I’m not guilty of this one! I’m sure I’m not…. (someone fell on the floor)

pfffftt.. BWAHAHAHAHA! oops! I mean.. Are you okay? 😀

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Well, I hope you have a good laugh today and spread this to everyone who needs a good laugh. Just sit back, relax and chill! 😀

Hello There!

This is my humor blog. There. I said it.

I’ve created so many blogs but I decided to have the humor blog here on wordpress. I dunno why but I think I made the right decision to do it! (Hopefully!)

I’ve been like this since the influence of my family to be really crazy and this is who I am now: Demented crazy young man who lived in an extraordinary family of comics.

I’ve been blogging since.. 2011 but got fed up and stopped. But resumed after some encouragements to the point that I have to resurrect my blog and revamped it. It went through many changes though.

Right now, I’m so happy that finally! I can use my wordpress blog and this is all about humor, fails, misspelled words, jokes and funny opinions. Well, I’ve been dreaming of this blog since.. forever and right now, it is here at last! (Applause please.. )

Again, welcome to my humor blog and it’s HUMOROUSLY FUNNY!!